Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Goths at a Mardi Gras Party

(I had attempted to post this Monday, but I had trouble uploading the photos to Flickr for some reason, but all is well now. LEK)
Every other year or so, Kate and I attend a Mardi Gras Party put on by the Mystik Krew of Laff. Friends of ours from Kate's former church (before Reconciler) are members of the Krew. It is a costume party, and Kate makes our costumes each time we go. Our first time Kate was Madonna in the pointy cone bra phase and I was Ziggy Stardust.

This year our costumes were much more just fancy Goth attire/original designs of Kate. (Pictures bellow). I just felt like I was in clubbing attire, and we weren't in costume in the sense of dressing to be something. However, as you can see they are out there enough that many people at the party kept trying to figure out who we were or who I was.

As I the memorable exchange happened as I left the Restroom. I guy came in and said "I love your costume." I said "Thank you." then immediately "So what's your costume of." I "What do you mean." "You're costume what is it?" "Nothing... I don't know?" Puzzled pause "Well its great!"

Sometimes you just may encounter people at a party (even a costume Party) in wild dress and it just might be fashion that fashion that is on the line between costume and just fashion. A line Goths perhaps walk more than many.

mardi gras

crop mardi gras