Monday, February 19, 2007

Pastor in an Office Job

When I temp I often don't mention that I am a pastor, one never knows what someones responce will be. Today, the supervisor of the project I was working on before beginning conducted a quasi interview, where not only she told me what I was going to be doing but told me about herself, and asked me not only what sort of office work I had done but also about myself. So, I ended up telling her I was a pastor. I got the responce that I am still not sure how to respond to it. She proceeded to tell me she was raised catholic, but didn't attend church anymore even though she knows she shoul. but she said she believes in God, and prays etc. On a certain level I understand this responce on another it puzzels me because I can't quite figure out why saying I am a Pastor would elicit this sort of confession. I sort of want to say, really I don't care if you attend church or not. I have no investment in your attending church, and you could have said nothing and I wouldn't have known.

I also find it the most iritating responce. I am not sure why, I think in part because I don't know what to do with it.