Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Evolution of morality and Dogma? (two very different thing actually

So there are some interesting posts over at Sarx and This is Life which have sent me off into reflection.

Huw posts on biological origin of ethics/morality or rather links to an article about primate studies that are leading some biologists to hypothesize a biological origin to human morality. On one hand this seems hardly surprising, perhaps insignificant. Except that many conservative Christians will see this as a further attack on Christianity. Yet I am also astounded by the thought that description of current behaviors of other primates could become an explanation of the origin of human morality and ethics. I don't have time to think through this at the moment but I can't help suspecting that there is a logical fallacy lurking somewhere.

Clifton AKA Benedict Seraphim, has been engaging (the link is to his most recent post) Michael Liccione(this is the first post he made in this current round of debates) over at Sacramentum Vitae. I bring attention to this because I find the discussion interesting and yet puzzling. I feel both the RC and the Orthodox are each making some very good points, and yet I can't for the life of me figure out how the two side are actually supposed to be two sides.

So Development of Doctrine has occurred, I never thought Orthodoxy denied this per se. though I do wonder at the degree to which RC will cling to the notion, beyond an historical interpretation of the history of theology. If there is no development is there a history? I am really unclear what is at stake in this bit of a debate, but since both RC and Orthodoxy claim to have preserved apostolic continuity and thus to be the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church exclusively (with some nuances of this on both sides), I figure I should probably take note. Even if it leaves me feeling more like I am watching a tennis match than engaging in a theological debate. Wow that was a good return, oh nice serve etc., but I am clearly missing the substance.... or am I? I will also admit I have not given the discussion my full attention. I think I will do so and get back to you on this.