Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Moment in My Current Spiritual and Intelectual Development

On occasion I review my approach for this blog. One of the reasons I finally decided to start a blog in the fall of 2004 was to have place to develop my thoughts.
I realized today that I hadn't finished updating this template after the move to the new blogger. (that work is still to be done in the side bar)so in the process on working on the blog I ended up reviewing my archives and ran across three posts written in February 2005 that i think mark a significant moment in my current thinking and spirituality.:
The first post was occasioned by a friend of ours leaving Chicago to become a novice in a monastery, he ended up deciding not to become a monk.
the second post was a further reflection on the issues I was exploring in the first and developing in conversation with Graham Ward's book Cities of God .
The third was an attempt to contextualize the first two posts and concluded with these words:"My hope is that for myself and those of you reading this that we may renew our minds that we would truly come to share the Mind of Christ in the area of our sexuality, letting go of what ever sexual ideology and soteriology we may hold."
I spoke of sexuality and "sexual ideology", because that was the primary focus of these posts. However, what I was writing and attempting to articulate was much broader than issues of human sexuality. I set my mind and self from that point very clearly to the seeking of the renewing of my mind and gaining some portion of the Mind of Christ. This has lead me to question most everything I had come to hold and the thought I had developed through out my years in the academy and seminary. some of it has stood up firmly under this scrutiny, some of it is now uncertain, and some of it has been left completely behind in this seeking after the Mind of Christ.
I think these three posts mark an important moment in my recent intellectual and spiritual development, and so I bring them forward now as I think they may bring to light what had become oddly implicit in my preaching and in my comments on various things. I was struck how what seems to me to be such a significant turn in my thinking could have so readily become implicit. Of course I have also moved from that moment and the ideas in those posts do not exactly reflect where I am at now but the do point out a trajectory that I am still following. Understanding that trajectory may be important for understanding some posts I have been intending to write.