Thursday, November 08, 2007

Vampires? And no I am not late for Halloween, just Goth

In late September or so I recieved an e-mail from a Paul Bibeau. I do not know sucha person so at first I thought it was junk mail and sent it to my junk-mail folder, but then I was curious so I opened the e-mail. What I discovered was that Paul Bibeau is an author and journalist who was asking me to review his new book on Dracula and Vampires, Sundays with Vlad: From Pennsylvania to Transylvania, One Man's quest to live in the world of the Undead. Being Goth I was skeptical. But I followed the link to the books web page, and the writing of the excerpt didn't suck, so I thought what the hell. And also I was intrigued though I feared the worst. You see in his e-mail he mentioned both "Goth" and "Christian" separately but it seemed deliberately to entice me to read and review his book. Let us just say I am not terribly sanguine about journalists getting much right about either the complexities of the Goth scene or of Christianity.
I replied to Bibeau that I would be interested in reviewing his book here on my blog. And Sundays with Vlad came in the mail a few weeks ago, and I finished it on Monday. I am working on the review now, this is not the review (Just sort of an announcement that a review is coming). As a sort of sneak preview I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by the book and its treatment of its subject matter and sub-categories. My worst fears about the book were not realized, and I both found the book enjoyable and informative. Well that is it for now but hopefully I will have the review out in a few days