Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Icon for Wicker Park Grace completed

Here is the icon Virgin of Tenderness. It is for the church Wicker Park Grace.
Mother of God of Tenderness at Wicker Park Grace
I had intended to finish and deliver it before fits Advent but then I got sick. I think this is the longest Ihave taken to finish an icon. It was begun as part of an iconography workshop I gave at Wicker Park Grace the summer of 2006. Then Nanette and some of the members of Wicker Pakr Grace worked on the icon in the fall and then winter spring 2007.
I brought it back to my studio this past August. This is how it looked when I brought it to my studio.
Icon workshop highlight stage
Bellow are some of the stages the icon went through in finally completing it.
Wicker Park Virgin and child highlights
Our Lady of Tenderness