Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Long Week that has Ended Well

I have been sick all week, still recovering, but mostly well I hope. I also had to prepare for and then attend our church retreat, that began last night and went until this evening. The retreat exceeded the expectations of the pastoral staff, and it was our first major event without the AngloBaptist.
That might be all I have to say right now. I think this was a very significant event in the life of this fledgling congregation. I learned much about what it means to be a pastor, not new revelations but things I was pretty sure was true but hadn't fully experienced. At the moment I am also overwhelmed with the sacred trust pastoring is, and that when it works well in seeking to serve a congregation in Christ and love one can receive so much in the lay response to that as they take seriously what it means to seek to truly be the body of Christ that they are.
I did not get much rest last night or today but I have come away from our retreat feeling revived, but I am also tired, so I think I am off to bed.
Hopefully by Monday my brain will once again emerge from the fog of the past week and I will be able to post one of the many things I had meant to write this past week.