Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A.O.T.C. the Association of the Cross

Within the last five days I have received two visits to my blog based on Google searches for the Christian Punk band Association of the Cross also known as AOTC. My Goth Roman Catholic friend Alex Makarczyk's younger brother, and also a friend of mine, Jamie was the bassist for the band. As I have mentioned here before they were part of the LA Christian music scene in the mid to late 1980's. The second hit also had the name Neal Vorndran. I had forgotten he was the drummer for AOTC as well as the band Delirium Blue that Alex Fronted. I don't think any of the members of AOTC still play in any bands. Jamie I think still does sound and lighting for community theater in LA among other things. Neal I didn't know well in part because after he got married his relationship with Alex and Jamie sort of faded away (there was some conflict between them as well but I don't remember the details and not actually relevant to this post or blog anyway.)

I didn't know Jamie or Neal when AOTC were still together as a Band. By the time I met Alex the three of them had formed Delirium Blue (though the two bands may have overlapped for a time). I also knew the guitarist of AOTC, Denise Taylor, but not well. I probably also met the front man Mike Smith, unless he had already moved on.

I am not sure what has prompted to people one from Minnesota the other from Kentucky to Google Association of the Cross and Neal Vorndran (I believe I misspelled his name in previous posts) but the author of this blog new the members of the band (after the band had broken up) and still keeps contact with one of the members.

Also I discovered that AOTC made into a CCM newsletter Alternative Christian Music Enthusiast(ACME), published between 1983 and 1986. According to a comment on the blog cataloging the newsletter ACME was published by a couple of Students at Taylor University. ACME had an article on AOTC in their May 1985 issue.

Well this might all be uninteresting to most of my readers but maybe of interest to someone.