Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Potitcs (from a pastor)

I have much that I'd like to post here, just not sure how to do it. I am working on a review of a book, but I need to be careful, the subject matter and the author are probably both touchy subjects, I want to be sure in my comments that I am as clear as possible. So, I am letting things stew for a bit. I think I might like to post serially some papers I wrote at the end of my seminary days, but I think that will take considerable editing.
So, here are some more links on politics and faith. This time from my good friend the Anglobaptist. His current reflections on the primaries and the politicians are here and here His thoughts kind of reflect my own suspicion of our politics and media coverage of an election. I think his thoughts are in the least a good caution and reminder that there is hype and there is substance and the two don't always meet in our current system (if they every did).

Oh and there is something abut Starbuck's and a baristas union? Which he doesn't go into exactly. To add to his comments about benefits they also have benefits for domestic partners. One comment explains the grievances. The bit about health care flies in the face of anecdotal evidence of people who I have known who have worked as baristas. However, it is a grueling workplace, and it is true there isn't much voice for the baristas in the quality of the work environment. If you ahve good managers and regional managers you may only have to deal with obnoxious customers, but as often as not one has poor managers as well. Anyways check out the post and the comment that follows.