Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sermons on the Second Sunday after Epiphany

My friend Tripp has posted his sermon for tomorrow. I commend it to you. I also, am pointing it out because he and I are parallel to each other in our sermons for tomorrow. I too am focusing on an aspect of the passage from the Gospel, though instead of the titles and names for Jesus, I am focusing on Andrew's and the unnamed disciple's question when they catch up to Jesus after John the Baptist tells them "Look here is the Lamb of God!". They ask Jesus "Where are you staying." This focus on a particular portion of a scripture passage is rare for me in a sermon, I have developed a style of preaching since seminary that seeks to weave together related themes from the three lectionary passages for a Sunday.

I want to ask do we know where Jesus is staying or are we content to simply recognize that Jesus is around and witness with John that he is the Lamb of God. I see ecclesiological and ecumenical implications in this little question and am using these implications to bring to the fore aspects of Reconciler's ecumenical vision and my own take on our vision as one of the pastors of this three year old church start. It has come out in the last two months that the ecumenical vision of Reconciler continues to be something members have difficulty getting their minds around to care as deeply about it as the pastors. I am hoping my sermon in the least will get the conversation around our vision beyond that the ecumenical vision is simply heady stuff. The point of my sermon is that I believe ecumenism at its best is seeking to ask the question and to see where Jesus is staying.