Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Meta-Post

So, I posted last night a ramble about my new job as Web-master and the difficulty of writing my latest sermon in the midst of starting this new job. I took it down this morning because it felt like an odd post and I am still leery about writing stuff that is too personal on the blog. This is not a journal or diary (I kind of wonder about people who use this medium in that way) But I also made a certain peace about allowing explicitly things from my life to be mentioned here. But I reread what I wrote and am now comfortable with it so reposted it.

I mention this from time to time but I do so because it is true: I like to blog but sometime posting to the blog feels like a burden. So, I decide to quickly write a post. This actually has been working lately, except yesterday or rather this morning when I woke up and felt awkward about the post I had quickly written about being a web master now and writing my latest sermon. Part of this is that there are things I am thinking of posting here but that will take longer to write and edit, one of which I have begun to write. Others I have been thinking of posting here in serial form some of my seminary papers that are related to ideas either I am still developing or that deal with subject matter I face right now in pastoring Reconciler. I haven't done either of these things here because I haven't had the energy to edit or am not satisfied with the form of the piece I'd like to post tonight (another review) or don't feel up to starting to write other more involved pieces.

I am always surprised that 4 or 5 days of not posting to a blog seems like such a long time. I also notice that the more I post to the blog the more I read other blogs (it is also true that the more I read blogs the more likely I am to post, though if I haven't been reading or writing in the blogosphere sometimes I re-enter by reading blogs sometimes by posting something.) I am not sure what I am getting at. Though I do seem to find it useful to reflect now and again on how I blog and this consistent block I sometimes get to writing on this blog and interacting with th e blogosphere.

Oh, and I have been getting even more hits lately about Goth or gothic or Goth Blogs. If you are one of those who have come to this blog looking for things related the Goth find the lable "Goth" in my side bar for my "goth" posts.