Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two unrelated unexpected things

I have now added to the various hats I wear, web master of Immanuel Lutheran's Web site, the church with whom Reconciler and Holy Trinity has space sharing agreements: Reconciler uses their side chapel and the community inhabits the old parsonage. I have not worked with an organization to get its web presence up to speed so I was a little nervous. but now that I have startedI think it will go well and i really enjoy the work. At the moment still trying to help them know exactly what they want out of their web site. It has been a week now since I started. Initially I am just updating what they have and making some minor changes, while a graphic designer works on some ideas for the new look of the web site, which it needs. In this instance this new hat is a paying gig so that is good.
It has meant more juggling of things already: so I was writing my sermon for Sunday right up to two hours before church. That isn't all that rare except that this time I when I went to bed Saturday night I still didn't have an outline (I was sick again which didn't help) I ended up quoting George Macdonald in the sermon. Sorry, no manuscript to post, and the notes I fear are only comprehensible to me, and only partially to me after I preached the sermon. Kate said it was one of my better sermons and most everyone else seemed to engage it so that is just another one of those cases where I am by the grace of God able to pull a sermon out of a semi organized set of notes. I am finding preaching to be ever more difficult the better I get at it. I am finding it harder to prepare a sermon and to deliver one. I enjoy the challenge and find preaching very rewarding just didn't expect that it get harder the longer I did this.