Monday, September 22, 2008

Leading a retreat

This Past Weekend I lead the church retreat for the Community Church of Wilmette. Being church leader meant in this case leading a three hour session Saturday morning and the Taking part in the leadership of the Sunday worship service and preaching at that service. I enjoyed getting to know the 20 or so people who came up for the retreat at Green Lake Conference center in Wisconsin. Green Lake is a beautiful place. The story of the conference center is pretty interesting as well, and kind of amazing that the American Baptist Conference eventually got a hold of the property.
Well this seems to be happening lately I sit down to write a post thinking I had more to write than I do at the moment. I have many thoughts on the retreat and leading a retreat, but it seems they are still a little unformed to put in a blog post.
So this is more just letting you all know that one of the reasons I have not blogged in the last week to week and a half is that I was preparing for this retreat. i also caught a cold last week, so I was attempting to finish preparations for the retreat while being sick. Thankfully it was in its final stages by the weekend and I did not get worse over the retreat. But I was able to have a long nap Saturday afternoon which was a good thing.