Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Notes at the End of a Day

Discovered a better way to get to my temp position today, which involves riding the bus from a stop before the end of the line. And I noticed something riding both ways that the cross streets are announced in Evanston but not once the bus crosses into Wilmette. What the...? This is strange phenomenon. I suppose once a bus rider is in the north shore they simply know where they are without need for pesky announcements about the stop that is coming up.

As I got on the bus to come home, three Gothlings got of the bus and it is the first time I have gotten the double and triple take from other Goths. Yes to you Gothlings I encountered in Wilmette, there are Goths not only over 20 but over 30. No you were not mistaken you saw an "old" Goth, and in Wilmette. Perhaps, if you truely like the aesthetic of Goth and its music genres you might remember this and not think in your 20's as you try to be old that Goth is just a phase. Oh and BTW I am also a pastor.

I have yet to experience anything as deadening to faith and spirituality in my self then looking at catalogs of religious paraphernalia and talking to the sales persons of such paraphernalia. For some reason I am having visions of whips, overturned tables and coins bouncing of cobblestone flashing through my head..... But I can't quite figure out why.

Can anyone explain to me why Christians in this country seem to think government and the State especially that of the United States of America somehow has escaped the fate of all other principalities powers and authorities and is not subject to the fall but somehow is already fully subjected to Christ and therefore I should be a good American and trust one or both of the two versions of how this principality and power should act in the world. I have this vision of this very appealing but kind of creepy guy offering this other kind of nondiscript guy all the nations of the world flashing through my head.... why might that be?