Friday, September 25, 2009

Responce to "Conversions of St Peter"

Michael Gorman-

1) definition and methodology
2) identifying Peter's conversion
3)differences in meaning of conversion
4) ongoing meaning for us.

1) Method forces Markus to deny Joppa as a moment of conversion, and make distinction between call and conversion. This undermines his final conclusion that Peter's conversion was multiple. Conversion should not be defined in terms of vocabulary used but other factors.
2)Identifying Peter's conversion, and to Christian memory, Paul's memory of Peter.
Paul depicts of Peter is lead astray and acting antithetical of Gospel. in light of this what happened to Peter at Joppa was in fact a conversion. Thus indeed Peter was a person of multiple conversions.
3)Similarities between Peter and Paul's conversions around turning to to cross
4) Ongoing meaning:
Peter and Paul symbols of unity of differing types of conversion. Perhaps we can learn from Petrine and Pauline similarity and difference. Even Paul saw as need for ongoing conversion.