Friday, September 25, 2009

Was Peter Converted? (cont.) Third session of NPTS Symposium

Continued from Acts of Peter

1 Peter 1.3- a new birth into a living hope, linked to the resurrection, and is used to coming to faith.
Moral and spiritual conversion.
Petrine author includes himself in those who are converted.
Baptism is saving significance
John 21- Peter restored; appointed as pastor. Apolinarious of Laodiciea: Luke 22.31 and three affirmations of love.

At the opening of John 21 indicates Peter is not yet renewed.
Peter is newly appointed in discussion with Jesus, and get a three fold commissioning of peter. Peter is initiated into the shepherding ministry of Jesus.

This then is the conversion of Peter.

The theme of conversion or repentance is underplayed in scholarship.
Emphasis on calling opposed to conversion clouds the issue.
Peter did turn back and received a charge to a pastoral apostolic minsitry. But Luke doesn't record when that was.

Conversion of Peter is in his own turning back in response and in face of the resurrection of Jesus after which he is commissioned.

Luke doesn't narrate Peter as witness to the resurrection. Cock symbolizes the entire story from denial that also heralds the coming resurection and dawn of new life.

Peter then embodies what it means to turen and is one who is continual converting and turning.