Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Couple not so Radom Thoughts

I don't think I have much to say at the moment. So just going to see what comes as I type. I am thinking and mulling over many things. There is the vision of Reconciler and my role as both pastor of Reconciler and prior of the Community of the Holy Trinity. Some of what I am puzzling through is that for me my being both pastor and prior effects my experience and interaction with both groups, yet does not seem to be that much in the consciousness of the members of Reconciler or Holy Trinity. So to some extent it seems at the moment that there is the vision and ministry of these two groups that in someways overlap, but for the groups are distinct and are in my being pastor and prior are united. There is then a sense that my ministry and call isn't defined by Reconciler or Holy Trinity, but that there is something else that encompass (at least) both. One thing I think I am having difficulty getting my mind around is how to honor the distinct vision and mission of the two groups and at the same time keep in mind my distinct ministry that is also bounded and defined by the vision and mission of these two institutions. And this isn't figuring it out how to make it happen but to give articulation of what simply is the case.

Also, I have enlightenment on the brain. There has been a conversation about enlightenment and the art and films of Jordorowsky. One party of this conversation was very much extolling enlightenment as nondual. Which seems to me to name enlightenment in primarily Buddhist or Hindu terms, in which ultimate reality or the source of all things is a non-personal absolute oneness. Which is not Jewish or Christian cosmology. Also, it does not seem to me that the enlightenment experience that surrealism seeks or seeks to produce or induce is nondual. In fact I would argue that it is very much a dualistic enlightenment experience. Which then makes me wonder to what degree surrealism is or is not still very dependent on Christian mysticism. Certainly it played a large(ish) role for Dali, though he is not the surrealist movement in its entirety.

Well that is it for now.