Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thoughts After ECRA Meeting Today.

Today was the monthly meeting of the Edgewater Community Religious Association (ECRA), an association of religious leaders of various faiths though mostly clergy of Christian denominations. We had a very large gathering today. Possibly the largest I have attended.
At this meeting one of the things that was discussed was the possible closing down of the Summerset Nursing Home in the neighborhood. Which actually brought up many concerns that we all had about the nursing care facilities in our neighborhood. the question I have is why I and the rest of us are only talking about this now that one of the larger facilities is in the news for violations and the threat of shutting down the facility? It does kind of seem that without the media attention our own observations and concerns weren't entirely observable and noticeable to ourselves. this seems a tad strange and there is something wrong about that.

I ask this because I had concerns due to people I have met and had coffee with who are in one or more of some of the nursing care facilities, and had discussed it with people but nothing more. I personally wasn't sure how to move forward. But something did seem to change in my sense of the issue as we discussed the news reports and talked about steps we could take to bring attention to the larger issues than just what has been in the news over Summerset.