Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, Big Sculpture Garden

Overall the festival and the Big Sculpture Garden went over well. We at the sculpture garden had a rough beginning as we all were a little behind and were still attempting to finish things Friday evening when the storm rolled through. The last bit of paint I applied to the large icon hadn't dried by the time the rain came, which meant that the very last parts I painted washed partially away in the rain. The large icon then had a weathered look to it. It meant that I was up in the morning installing the rest of the installation (see bellow), and that other artists were also finishing up their pieces on Saturday. By Saturday night the garden had completed feel to it, with a couple of artist working on their pieces as "live art." "Live art" i.e. artists working on a work of art as people visited the gallery spaces, was something that was happening all over the festival, though in the sculpture garden while Andy had assumed some of the artists would be working on their art during the festival, it had not been planned who would do so. John Bambino who neighbored my piece actually finished his painting as the festival was winding up on Sunday.

My installation was well received. I talked with many people about it, and I heard back from one of the organizers of the south end of the festival that many people were talking about the installation. We had a good crowd at times, though most people walked through and did not stay and listen to the bands and acts who were performing, so that bit of the garden may have felt less than successful for the bands and organizers of the performance part. The space was great when all the pieces were in place and the feel of it all especially on Sunday was inviting and interesting space.

Here are some photos of my piece and the Garden most I think taken on Sunday.
Icons, MAAF, BigSculpture 009
Icons, MAAF, BigSculpture 008
Train, Grafitti, MAAF, Big Sculpture Garden, Icons 039
Train, Grafitti, MAAF, Big Sculpture Garden, Icons 054
Icons, MAAF, BigSculpture 014
Train, Grafitti, MAAF, Big Sculpture Garden, Icons 035
Train, Grafitti, MAAF, Big Sculpture Garden, Icons 040