Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Linkage

Things are leveling out a bit, though no movement yet. However, I feel I have my bearings again.
I realize that I have not bloged in week, that was not my intention. But by the time I felt like blogging again things in life were taking me elsewhere. Mainly I had to report on some books as part of a continuing education component form my denomination. I think I will blog on one of the books in the next couple of days.
In the mean time check out Gavins blog he is writing about an American Heresy I bloged about this a year ago or so after reading Righteous Empire by Martin E. Marty.
Also, head over to Sarx Huw Raphael is bloging of late about many things and has been providing some reflection on daily lectionary passages. All very interesting and thought provoking.
That's it for me now. Things are brewing some of it may make it here to the blog.

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